Decluttering Kick-start: The Workbook by Laura Kiernan

Decluttering Kick-start: The Workbook

The motivation and action plan you need to start attacking the Clutter Monster in your home is right here. Combine this editable PDF file of printable worksheets with the power of the snackable tips in the FREE Decluttering Kick-start mini-course, and clutter won't stand a chance!

That towering pile of mail on your kitchen counter better watch out, 'cuz it's not long for this world!

After using this workbook to apply the lessons from my FREE email-based mini-course "Decluttering Kick-start: Snackable Tips to Start Decluttering Even If You Have No Time" you'll:
  • Be armed with powerful motivation to get started AND keep going
  • Understand which clutter hotspots are fully under your control
  • Know how to prioritize your decluttering projects to achieve quick wins
  • Have a plan of attack to slay the Clutter Monster in 15 minutes per day

Create your plan of attack

Everything you need to create your battle plan is in the Decluttering Kick-start Workbook:
  • Worksheet to define your true "WHY" for getting rid of the mess and excess
  • Ownership page to determine which clutter hotspots you can influence
  • Checklist of common clutter hotspots
  • Prioritization worksheet to know what should be done first
  • Action plan to fill out for the week to wage war with clutter in 15 minutes per day
  • Labels to keep your project piles organized and get them where they belong 
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As a mom of two with a full-time job outside the home (plus this side hustle!) I know how hard it is to find time to keep on top of clutter creep. Luckily, I've discovered sensible tactics to help moms like us break through the overwhelm and slay the Clutter Monster bit by bit. Join me on the journey to achieve a life with less stress and more style!